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North Carolina Broadband Indices

The North Carolina Broadband Indices (Indices) are two unique measures designed to create a more accurate picture of the state’s broadband access, adoption, and the resulting digital divide. The Indices will inform the design of programs, policies and tools to align with the specific needs of each community by helping to demonstrate need, identify the most beneficial types of investments, and determine where resources should be deployed.

To use this amazing tool, click on North Carolina Broadband Indices.

Broadband 101 Workshop in the Foothills Region

On February 20, 2019, NC Department of Information Technology’s Broadband Infrastructure Office hosted a Broadband 101 Workshop in coordination with the Foothills Regional Commission in Rutherfordton. The workshop focused on the challenges and opportunities facing the Foothills Region with respect to broadband internet connectivity.

Broadband 101 Workshop Agenda Items included:

  • What is Broadband?
  • Digital Equity
  • Resources and Efforts at the Federal and State Level
  • Technical Overview and Barriers to Development
  • Regional and Community Planning
  • Connecting with Provider Partners

Click here to view the presentation materials from the Broadband 101 Workshop.

Additional links to broadband resources are below.

North Carolina State Broadband Plan

NC Broadband Technical Assistance

This program consists of an on-the-ground technical support team that is responsible for working with counties and communities across the state to provide needed broadband expertise.

Unlocking the Digital Potential of Rural North Carolina

Small Business Economic Development Rural Report Fact Sheet


FirstNetNC Office represents the State of North Carolina regarding the federal FirstNet effort, conducting education and outreach to the public safety community within the state. The state single point of contact (SPOC) acts as the primary agent bringing the concerns of North Carolina’s responders to the forefront of the effort.


The GREAT program is designed to expedite the terrestrial deployment of broadband within unserved areas of Tier One counties, with transmission speeds of at least 10 Mbps download, and at least one Mbps upload. Deployment of speeds of 25:3 Mbps or greater is encouraged.

Rural Development Broadband ReConnect Program

The Rural Broadband ReConnect Program furnishes loans and grants to provide funds for the costs of construction, improvement, or acquisition of facilities and equipment needed to provide broadband service in eligible rural areas.

Southwestern Commission (Region A) Broadband Study

NC Broadband Map

Broadband Innovation: Eastern Carolina Broadband (NC Rural Center)